Justina Pelletier Denied Mass and Must Have Armed Guards During Family Visits While Boston Terrorist Allowed Unsupervised Visits

Harry Reid not Telling Truth About Bundy Ranch Taxes
Son of Harry Reid Says Rancher Should Be Prosecuted
Harry Reid Shown Breaking Ground for Solar Farm at Nevada Ranch Standoff
Demonstrators Walked Past Armed Agents to Force Capitulation
Government Backs Off Nevada Standoff Hours After Reid / Chinese Land Grab Exposed
Feds Back Off Nevada Rancher Dispute
Harry Reid and Son Accused of Misconduct Over Nevada Ranch Dispute
Reports Militias Have Arrived At the Bundy Ranch in Nevada

US to Relinquish Control Over Internet
Groups Getting Millions in Federal Farm Subsidies Even Though They do not Own Any Farms

The Hindenburg Disaster
Virtual Tour of Space Station
The Great 9/11 Boat Liftt

Submitted by Sue Mott of Sioux Falls S.D.

Obama Using EPA to Bankrupt Coal Industry Continues

Obama on Tape Saying He Wants Higher Oil Prices

Cheney Issued Orders to Shoot Down Passenger Planes and Didn’t Even Think Anything About the Order

Black Group of Girls Hit Victim With Brick and Steal Her Money
Man’s Jaw Broken in Knock Out Assault
Black Teens Rob Veteran While Yelling “Knock That White Boy Out”
74 Year Old Latest Victim of Knockout Game
Three Knock Out Incidents in Philadelphia
Black Students Riot at High School
Black Gangs Playing “Knock Out” Game on Unsuspecting Victims
Black Mobs Rob Chicago Area Stores
Four black Teens Kill 87 Year Old WWII Vet in Mugging Incident

China Blocks Two Philippine Ships in Island Dispute
China Building Second Aircraft Carrier
US Losing Military Dominance in Pacific
China Tests Hypersonic Missile

What Determines the Price of Oil?

GAO Issues Report That States Fraud Detection was not Included in the Pigford Settlement
Holder Pushing Pigford II Onto American Taxpayer Even After Fraud Was Shown

The Truth About Anwar Drilling
Another Anwar Tragedy
Gas Prices Across US and Canada

The Face of Violence

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