Gillum Admits Defeat in Florida Governor Race

Abrams Admits defeat in Ga. Governor’s Election

How California Fire Got started
76 Dead Thousands Still Missing in Calif. Wildfires
California Fire Death Toll at 71 over 1,000 Missing
63 Dead Over 600 Still not Accounted For
California Wildfire Kills Five Thousands Flee

NBC News Sat on Evidence That Cleared Kavanaugh

Senators Who Voted Against Immigration Reform
12 House Republicans Who Voted Against Tax Reform
Six Senators Who Defeated Repeal of Obamacare

A Memorable Train Ride

The Great 9/11 Boat lift

Cheney Ordered the Shooting Down of Airliners During 9/11 Didn’t Think Anything About the Order

What Determines the Price of Gas

Gas Prices Across The US

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