Kasich to Suspend His Campaign - Trump Prevails
Its Trump and Sanders in Indiana
Cruz Suspends Political CAmpaign

Navy Seal Killed in Iraq

Video of Anti-Trump Hispanic Protesters
Hispanic Students Waving Mexican Flags Protest Trump in California
Russian Plane Challenges Another US warplane
Iraqi Demonstrators Storm Green Zone in Baghdad
New York's Liberal Mayor in Legal Trouble
Thousands of Criminal Illegal Aliens Released

Who Killed Family of Eight?

Latest Polling Data

Black Hate Crimes Committed on White Victims

Trump May Amass Most votes in Republican History
NJ man Willing to go to Jail for Flying Trump Flag
Trump Blasts Republican Elites
Voters Flocking to Trump from Democratic Party
Trump Fires Back At Romney Over Tax Returns
Romney Questions Trump Taxes
Trump Win Confounds Critics
Trump Ahead in Most States Headed for Super Tuesday
Haley Endorses Rubio
Trump Declares RNC in Default on Pledge Not to Stack Deck

A Memorable Train Ride for the New Year

Submitted by Marcella Locatelli

The Great 9/11 Boat Liftt

Submitted by Sue Mott of Sioux Falls S.D.

Cheney Issued Orders to Shoot Down Passenger Planes and Didn't Even Think Anything About the Order

What Determines the Price of Oil?

Gas Prices Across US and Canada

The Face of Violence

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