California Veterans Ordered to Pay Back Bonuses

List of False Allegations Against Trump

Killer Clowns Now In Tattoos on People's Bodies
Ronald McDonald Laying Low
Clown Clings to Back of Bus
Clown Vigilantes on Rise
Clown Sightings
Clowns Are Taking Over the World!

Clown Mania Sweeping the Nation
They are every where. In the woods. Outside your window. In the parking lots. Clown Pranking is developing a life of its own. Some of it is harmless. Some is mean and violent. Above all, beware Idaho, the clowns are already in Moscow. It will be just a matter of time before they come to Lewiston. Halloween hasn't gotten here yet. Clowns may want to be careful in Idaho, People carry guns here and aren't easily scared.

NYT Editor in Legal Trouble Over Trump Returns
Trump Accuses NY Times of Using Illegally Obtained Tax Records

Illegal Alien Kills Teen in Auto Accident. Was Released by Obama's Immigration Amnesty
Another Out of Control CPS Agency

Senate Overrides Obama Veto of 9/11 Bill

Alabama Chief Judge Removed From Office Over Gay Marriage
Round Two: Alabama Chief Judge Faces Ethics Panel Over Gay Marriage

HIlliary Clinton Wanted to Double Gun Tax
Boise Idaho Leads Cities in Refugees
Obama Veto 911 Bill

Democrats Caught on Tape Saying How to Ban Guns

CIA Official Going to Prison in Italy

Latest Election Polls

Black Hate Crimes Committed on White Victims

A Memorable Train Ride for the New Year

Submitted by Marcella Locatelli

The Great 9/11 Boat Liftt

Submitted by Sue Mott of Sioux Falls S.D.

Cheney Issued Orders to Shoot Down Passenger Planes and Didn't Even Think Anything About the Order

What Determines the Price of Oil?

Gas Prices Across US and Canada

The Face of Violence

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