Britain Votes to Leave the EU

U.S. Attorney for Idaho, Wendy Olson, has Issued a Veiled Threat to Prosecute anyone including the media Who report on the sex assault committed by three juvenile Muslims against a five year old Idaho girl. The actions of the U.S. Attorney raises the question of Why the US Attorney is involved in a state case and Why is the U.S. Attorney trying to cover up the case? Recently the Obama administration tried to redact and change statements made to an Orlando Fl. 911 system in an attempt to cover up the fact that the murderer in the Orlando case was a Muslim More
Muslim Sex Assault Suspects Released Pending Trial in Juvenile Court

Another Baltimore Cop Acquitted
Obama Immigration Amnesty Plan Blocked by Court

Loretta Lynch Facing Wrath of Public Relents on Deleting Reference to Muslims in Orlando Tapes

Veteran Dragged From a Retirement Ceremony After Mentioning God
British Man Attempts to Kill Trump

Speaker Ryan Will Sue Trump Over Muslim Ban but won't Sue Obama for Allowing Them to Come Into Our Country Without Congressional Approval

Mexican Flags at Anti-Trump Rally

CIA Official Going to Prison in Italy

Egypt Air Black Box Recovered
Egypt Air Wreckage Found
Chinese Warship Shadowing US Aircraft Carrier
Obama Takes on Trump Over Islamist Label

Politicians Joining in Effort to "Recall Judge in Rape Case
Jurors Refuse to Serve in Courtroom of Judge in Stanford Rape case
Public Outcry Over Light Rape Sentence in California

Syrian Refugees Flooding Into US

Latest Polling Data

Black Hate Crimes Committed on White Victims

Who Trump Listens To
Trump Beats Republican Voter Records
Trump May Try to Oust Ryan as Convention Chair
Conservative Leaders Step Back from Republican Party
Trump May Amass Most votes in Republican History
NJ man Willing to go to Jail for Flying Trump Flag
Trump Blasts Republican Elites

A Memorable Train Ride for the New Year

Submitted by Marcella Locatelli

The Great 9/11 Boat Liftt

Submitted by Sue Mott of Sioux Falls S.D.

Cheney Issued Orders to Shoot Down Passenger Planes and Didn't Even Think Anything About the Order

What Determines the Price of Oil?

Gas Prices Across US and Canada

The Face of Violence

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