Washington Mall Shooter in Custody
Five People Shot in Seattle Area Mall Shooting
Media Tries to Cover Up the Fact That the Police Officer Who Fired the Fatal Shots in Charlotte was Black
DNA and Print on Gun Matches Suspect's in Charlotte Police Shooting

Cruz Endorses Trump

HIlliary Clinton Wanted to Double Gun Tax
Boise Idaho Leads Cities in Refugees
Obama Veto 911 Bill

Democrats Caught on Tape Saying How to Ban Guns

CIA Official Going to Prison in Italy

Latest Election Polls

Black Hate Crimes Committed on White Victims

A Memorable Train Ride for the New Year

Submitted by Marcella Locatelli

The Great 9/11 Boat Liftt

Submitted by Sue Mott of Sioux Falls S.D.

Cheney Issued Orders to Shoot Down Passenger Planes and Didn't Even Think Anything About the Order

What Determines the Price of Oil?

Gas Prices Across US and Canada

The Face of Violence

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