European Banks in Crisis

Chicago Stock Exchange Being Sold to Chinese Group
World Economy Trapped in Death Spiral

Oil Prices to rebound Later in the Year
Oil Prices Are Tanking to New Lows
Possibility of Recession Looms Again

If you spend a buck and you have to borrow forty three cents on the dollar you're stupid.

Alan Simpson - Former congressman from Wyoming

Riches to Rags Argentina vs America

Submitted by Glen Yingling of Lewiston Idaho

Oil Prices Basics


Debt Clock

Phony Money the Government is manufacturing that will lead to inflation.

Obama Care List of Tax Hikes

Social Security

For decades we have known that social security is in trouble. Social Security is being destroyed by greedy and inept politicians who expand government and spend without a thought on how to pay for government programs.

Below are two links that explains the Social Security debacle.
Demint Testimony
2010 Social Security Trustee Report

Accountable Idaho
Bloomberg Business News
The Capital Report
Daily Finance
Financial Times
Global Research
Mortgage Fraud
Schaeffer Investment Research
Securities Info
Stock Hideout Stock Investors Site

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