One night not so long ago, Hilda and I were sitting on the Lanai in Maui, enjoying a cup of freshly ground Chocolate Macadamia Nut coffee, a yum yum treat. It was 10pm, we were playing some of our favorite Hawaiian CD’s. Cazimero Brothers, Apana Sisters, Makaha Sons of Ni’ihau, etc. We were both barefoot, wearing shorts, and Tee shirts, laid back, relaxing to not only the mesmerizing music, but the captivating sounds of the ocean. My feet are propped up on the chaise, I’m so relaxed, and you could call it snoozing. The symphony of the ocean takes over my senses, I’m listening and realize this crescendo of sounds from the sea has engulfed my being.
As we gaze out from our Lanai, the Islands of Lanai are on our left and Molokai is on our right. This is the Auau Channel where the Humpback Whales, Dolphins, and large Green Sea Turtles consider this their highway and drive by constantly during their sea voyage down from Alaska. October through May is their mating and calving season, hence the spectacular displays of breaching, tail flipping, and spouting. These Whales, some exceed forty five feet and weigh forty tons or more. They are an extravaganza show you will never forget viewing these performances after having witnessed this beautiful ocean ballet.
It’s now pitch black as we look out towards the ocean. The phosphorescence in the water seems to sparkle at you while the water rolls up into swells forming waves. Our complex has floodlights pointing seaward from the roof four stories up. A picturesque panoramic view of the swaying Coca Palms ensues. Your eye lids are fluttering from this languid mode you have found yourself in. The sounds of the ocean are now center stage, no sound seems the same, the cadence is different, but repeats itself time and time again immortal. There is a reef of coral some 200 yards off shore from us. Waves generally form in ‘three’s.’ The last one many times the largest. The ocean moves up over this reef, sometimes with a slashing sound, then you see a white ribbon of waves forming. It cascades towards you in a straight horizontal line. The second monster is now forming and wants to overtake and race past the first one. As the third one forms, maybe if offers a crashing sound, plainly showing no patience and wanting to catch up to the proceeding rollers. By now these monsters have thundered into our six foot high sea wall constructed from lava rocks, just a scant fifty feet in front of our Lanai. Some of these frothing waves hit the wall with a loud ca-thump, sending a ten foot high hissing spray of salt water, plainly saying, “Take that and that and that” or so it seems. Once in a while if the surge of the waves is just right, when it encounters the sea wall there might be a loud whump, even a vibration occasionally. Now maybe, no symphony of ‘three’s’ has formed. No white caps are visible, no white strings of foam. You think it’s completely quiet, but it certainly isn’t if you are really listening. You can feel the surging ocean, withdrawing to once again whet your senses with a crescendo of sounds that only the ocean can conjure up. Sea Farers consider the oceans as “Her” or “She.” This might be where the terminology of, “Never under estimate the power or actions of a woman” was born! A man of the sea never turns his back to the ocean. She can caress you with her gentleness and ambience, yet threaten you in an instant with angry actions that can become very dangerous.
I can feel the temperament of our ocean changing as our trade winds have increased a couple of knots or more. The rolling surf has become longer rollers with steeper and deeper troughs showing angry white caps spitting spray. Waves seem to be relentlessly crashing forward like they are trying to engulf you. When they recede it’s with a sucking sound, they will instantly return with a fury almost like saying, “I’ll get you this time.” Sailors sometimes refer to this as a vengeful lady showing her furor. The sea at times will hiss at you like a coiled snake ready to strike. Quite often you can even hear the wind blowing through the spray becoming an eerie howl.
To lie in bed hearing these wonderful relaxing sounds, breathing the clean fresh scent of salt air with the gentle clacking of the Palm tree fronds, sleep comes very quickly. Yes, we really heard and enjoyed the sounds of the ocean during this wonderful special evening that we are sharing with you. Close your eyes a moment and see if you too can capture these mesmerizing sounds of the sea, swaying palm trees, Roland Cazimero singing, “Proud to Be,” and the aroma of Kona coffee. Of course you can. Wasn’t if a relaxing moment!
Mahalo and Aloha Kaku, (may there always be Friendship between us)
Author Roy G Christensen

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