Southern Border

Through the decades since this nation was formed, we have welcomed with open arms those that wish to improve their lives and escape tyranny. These immigrants came here with an eye towards improving and contributing to their adopted country. Not so today.
We find today immigrants from Muslim and South American countries come here and demand that we learn their customs and traditions. These people refuse to assimilate into the American social structure.
In Mexico criminals have become so powerful that they are now challenging the legally constituted government. In response to the dangers created by these cartels, the Mexican people did not rise up against them. Instead, the Mexican people that could simply ran away and came to America. Here they work in peace and establish a life for themselves and their families. Instead of facing up to the problems faced by their country and changing them they have simply come to America and taken the easy way out. Why work and build a country when you can simply come to another country that has already worked and built a legacy for its children and citizenry. You reap the benefits without any effort on your part. Normally Americans would welcome People in danger but the Mexicans have chosen to not assimilate into American culture but instead have established their culture here and demand we learn Spanish and accommodate them.
In a blatant disloyal manner, people of Mexican heritage have formed such organization as MECHA and demand return of Mexican territory that was ceded in the Mexican War over a hundred and seventy years ago. They call this new land AZTLAN.Its territorial boundaries stretch from Southern Mexico to the Northern border of the State of Washington. AZTLAN takes in Idaho, Utah, Colorado, parts of Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona,California, Oregon, Washington and New Mexico.
Incredibly, Arizona was sued by our own federal government for instituting strict immigration enforcement consistent with federal law. Other States have similar laws but the federal government chose to sue Arizona. The judge in the federal case allowed foreign nations such as Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Venezuela to file amicus curiae briefs against Arizona. In effect, foreign governments intervened to support illegal immigration into our country
We are Americans. We will not give up one third of our country willingly.
We will from time to time post articles concerning the security of our southern border. It is essential that our citizens are educated on the danger our nation faces from our southern border. Not only are we allowing an influx of illegal aliens to enter who have loyalty to their native country and demand that American territory be given to their native country. We have Muslims who are entering through our southern border who have a desire to attack us.The federal government response is to sue a state that is trying to stop this danger instead of placing troops on our border and sealing it off.

It is claimed by illegal immigrant supporters that if white aliens had come into the United States nothing would have been said. I know many Canadians who are in the US illegally. They blend in and do not call attention to themselves. In contrast, Hispanic illegals make no attempt to blend in and make a life for themselves. In fact they draw attention to themselves and are seeking to have American territory ceded to what they describe as Aztlan.

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