Any government bureaucracy regardless of its origin will by its nature expand and seek power. Today the Judiciary is expanding its power to the point that it is accountable to no one but itself. Such power is contrary to the constitution that recognizes that power is derived from the people. Absolute Judicial Immunity is the legal concept that allows judges to abuse the powers granted by the people. In seeking power the judiciary has created labor unions known as bar associations that are closed shops open only to members. These bar associations are given the authority to discipline judges and their members. These commissions are secretive and not accountable to the people. Organizations such as Jail 4 Judges have started to fight back in an attempt to hold judges accountable. This whole argument is not confined to judges. Judges have granted absolute immunity to prosecutors, clerks and have severely limited liability of police and public officials in general. This cannot stand!

No SCOTUS Retirements
Speculation on SCOTUS Retirement Running Rampant

Corruptisia republica plurimae leges – The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws. Cornelius Tacitus [55 -117 A.D.].

There is no one left to blame – but the judges/judiciary.
Liberty & Truth require constant vigilance. GLZ.

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